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Embark on a Mesmerizing Summer Journey in Monterey, CA!

Experience an exhilarating summer escape in Monterey, CA! Feel the buzz of iconic events like Monterey Car Week 2023 and the captivating Monterey County Fair. Immerse in the vibrant culture at The Farmers Market at Old Monterey Marketplace, where local artisans and flavors unite. Feed your thrill-seeking side at the Firestone Grand Prix of Monterey while the legendary Monterey Jazz Festival's rhythms resonate with your heart. Indulge at esteemed restaurants - Old Fisherman's Grotto, Monterey's Fish House - where coastal flavors dance on your palate. Albatross Tasting Room Cottage offers wine aficionados an exquisite journey through local vintages.
But the adventure doesn't end there. Enjoy nature's wonders at Monterey Bay Aquarium, witness wildlife majesty at Monterey Zoo, and stroll iconic Cannery Row. As the sun sets, Pacific Monarch Butterfly Grove Sanctuary paints a fairytale scene with delicate butterflies.
Monterey, CA, warmly invites you to a summer of unforgettable moments, delectable tastes, and breathtaking sights. Your perfect summer getaway is here!